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When you worry about your private or secret document will be peeped or stolen by hackers through the network,
When you worry about your private or secret documents will be copyed by Trojan horses or other malicious code with backdoors,
When you worry about sharing a computer with colleagues and friends or computer lost cause leakage of secret documents,
When you worry about the safety of company secrets and personal privacy,
In short, when you hope that your secret documents can not be viewed or modified by anyone without your authorization ,
WinTSD will become your the most effective security tools of secret documents.


WinTSD Introduction

         The rapid development of network technology has brought great convenience for people's lives and work. The Internet has become an important means to use information and resource sharing. We marvel at superb and convenient of Network technology, malicious code including Trojans, viruses, backdoors and so so make us very confused at the same time. The number of popular malicious code on the Internet are Increasing in geometric progression. The most harassment is that the private or secret documents had been stolen surreptitiously but the user knows nothing. The issue about how to protect computer information security, namely the confidentiality of the information content appears very important. When the malicious code will read the computer information, if this operation can always be detected and stop, then, the malicious code should be confused. Therefore, we must adopt a more low-layer protection techniques and means.

         General file or folder encryption software has a very fatal weakness. When the user opens the folder or file which is encrypted, secret documents will be in a very dangerous situation. Potential danger is that Trojan horses, viruses, backdoors and other malicious code program is likely to run secretly and access your secret files, but you know nothing. Although you may install such and such a powerful anti-virus software. The fact is that the virus database update speed is always slower than the speed of virus updates. (Download Now)

         In WinTSD's view, Trojan horses, viruses, backdoor programs and other malicious code and common applications are no different, they are all codes which can run in the operating system, but the malicious code run without user interface, computer users do not know its operations. WinTSD's concern is the access to the protected files. WinTSD adopts active defense technology. WinTSD takes initiative to intercept the program (including Trojan horses, viruses, backdoors and other malicious program code). Any program code wants to access the documents protected by WinTSD, must be licensed by WinTSD. WinTSD delivers this authority to computer user, by the user to decide whether allow to access secret documents. Even if Trojans, viruses, backdoors and other malicious code program is running, as long as attempts to access protected files, the covert operation must be exposed.

         WinTSD uses transparent encryption technology, file access control technology and self-security technology to achieve full control of the protection of secret documents.

         • Transparent Encryption Technology

         In the area of information security technology, encryption technology plays an important role. Secure communications, data security, encryption software, all use encryption technology. Encryption technology makes use of mathematical or physical means to protect electronic information transmission data or data in storage device and to prevent information from leaking.

         Transparent encryption technology is based on filter driver, which works in WINDOWS system kernel layer, integrates with the WINDOWS operating system closely. WINDOWS NT kernel mode driver design uses hierarchical structure, namely the file system driver, intermediate driver and the device driver. Filter driver is a middle layer drive, which is located between the layers of other drivers, which can monitor, intercept and modify I / O request packet sent to up and down layer driver by the system.

         WinTSD uses transparent encryption based on file filter driver, and makes use of file filter driver to add encryption function for the file system. Encrypt or decrypt data automatically during process of using data without user intervention. When users use encryption document, encrypt and decrypt in the background automatically. Users are not aware of the existence of encryption or decryption process, encrypt or decrypt files on user is "transparent".

         WinTSD encrypts documents needed to be protected and stores them into the TSD format file. TSD file format is WinTSD's special file format, used in conjunction with file filter driver to achieve transparent encryption and decryption process. TSD files can be stored in the hard disk, CD, DVD, U Disk and other storage media and does not require a medium for specialized security protection. Even if the TSD file is missing, its internal documents can not be viewed by illegal user. When a program wants to access the document in TSD file, Must be decrypted by WinTSD can only to access normally. Therefore, any program (including Trojan horses, viruses, backdoors and other malicious program code) can not bypass the WinTSD's supervision to visit the secret documents, which can increase the security of confidential documents greatly.

         • File Access Control Technology

         Program code's all operations on the document (including read, write, copy, paste, create, delete, etc.) are carried out based on the operating system. These operations will eventually be forwarded to the system service layer by the operating system to be performed by the system implementation body. During forwarded to the system service layer, add a file filter driver, intercept all of these operations, WinTSD delivers these operations' authority to computer user, by the user to decide whether to allow or ban these operations, to achieve the purpose that the user complete control over file access operations. Covert operation on protected files will cease to exist. Even the ferry Trojans which is used to deal with the most secure physical isolation in theory specifically, also have one thing must to do, that is to read or copy the file which is interested in. As long as the operation is happened on the file protected by WinTSD, WinTSD always notifies and reminds the computer user timely, only with the user's authorization and permission can access protected files, ensure the security of confidential information.

         • Self-security Technology

         The owner of malicious code, by analyzing the operating system and application software security vulnerabilities and make use of it, to write the corresponding code. Therefore, the information security software, it appears their own security is also important and must take technical measures to prevent their own code from being analyzed. WinTSD controls using range of software, protects encryption algorithm code and running code to achieve their own security.

         1) Control Using Range Of Software

         WinTSD has software licensing function. In order to work normally Software must be authorized.

         2) Encryption Algorithm Protection

         WinTSD adopts dynamic code generation, drive-level anti-tracking technology, has a strong anti-compile, anti-static and dynamic analysis capabilities, prevent encryption algorithm and running code from leaking, prevent their own code from being analyzed. Therefore, the data protected by WinTSD will be more secure.

         With WinTSD protection, computer information security level of protection will be improved greatly.

         • What are the features and advantages of WinTSD?


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